Six Sigma Black Belt Exam - May 24


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For a process with a lower specification limit= 18 and upper specification limit= 24. The process has a mean of 20 and a within standard deviation= 1and an overall standard deviation= 2. For this process, the calculated Pp is _________

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Which tool can be used for selecting the right or best solution from a list of potential solutions:

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What is the path for Attribute Measurement System analysis in Minitab Statistical Software?

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In a process, if there are 10 defectives out of 100\units sampled, then the process yield is:

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In an FMEA analysis, the severity is calculated as 5, occurrence is 8 and detection is 4. What is the calculated score?

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A rational subgroup ensures that there is        variation within the subgroup and      _ variation between subgroups.

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What is the purpose of secondary metrics?

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Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) prioritizes risks based on RPN scores. Which of the following has the highest risk

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For a 1-Sample Z test if alpha= 5%, power= 50%, standard deviation= 2.5, and the difference to be detected (Delta) = 1  , determine the appropriate sample size for this test:

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If an experiment has 20 factors that could potentially impact the final output Y, then the appropriate test to run would be:

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Which of the following test is a test for special cause in np chart?

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Milestone reviews for Six Sigma projects should be conducted:

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Which project would you select to be launched if preliminary calculations for Net Present Value (NPV) are as indicated:

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A Six Sigma project objective must be SMART. The acronym SMART stands for:

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All of the following are approaches you would use to ensure that your teams were productive  EXCEPT:

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In "Define" phase, which tool highlights the problem and goal statement

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The relationship Y = f(x) implies that variation in the            has an impact on the   ,which  in turn has an impact on customer satisfaction.

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Which tool can be used to narrow down the scope of a problem so that the project may focus on one CTQ

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What are some challenges of working on processes that are cross-functional in nature? i) Projects can require significant change management effort & may fail, ii) Projects may take longer to get completed.

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The acronyms DMADV and IDOV stand for ____________________ and ___________________

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According to John Kotter, the most common reason for project failure is:

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Identify which of the following variables are continuous: i) Temperature, ii)% of defectives in a month, iii) Customer Satisfaction Ratings, iv) Number of road accidents.

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Which of the following is a tool that may be used to scope a project and outline boundaries of the project?

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Some of the Six Sigma tools that can be used to generate potential solutions are:    _

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Six Sigma can be described by theories such as              focus,      driven,    of variation, and methodologies.

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The difference between the average measurements with respect to the true value is called:

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The resolution of the instrument doing the calibration should be at most:

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The light indicator on a car dashboard that blinks to show that the driver is not wearing his seatbelt is an example of which Poka-Yoke concept:

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The Voice of the Customer data collection method "Survey" refers to:

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If process improvements by DMAIC are not sufficient, then we would use _

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At the conclusion of the project, the project hand-off meeting should include:

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Which of the following is TRUE

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Select the most appropriate tool to identify the viewpoints of people who may impact or be impacted by change:

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If we are comparing the measure of location/measure of central tendency of two populations and one of the population data are not normally distributed, the appropriate test to use would be:

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The_______________            limits are determined by the customer

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The Lean tool TPM stands for:

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The resource whose roles & responsibilities most closely match a person who takes over the project after project completion  is:

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For the given data set, use a software or calculate by hand the measures of central tendency, mean and median:

0,1,2,3,4,5,6, 7,8,9,10

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Which Six Sigma tool would you use to identify internal and external customers?

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The Lean terminology "Poka-Yoke" refers to:

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The Six Sigma approach we would use to improve an existing process is called                         and the approach we would use for designing new processes is called                                              _

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Which tool would you use to find restrainers and drivers to change?

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For the Pareto analy is, pick the right inference below:

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A                                is one who would authorize the launch of the project and provide resources to work on the project.

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One of the Lean tools that is used to make small continuous improvements in the workplace is called:

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Green Bellt projects are more suitable for processes that span                                          functional areas, while Black Belt projects are more suitable for processes that span                                                            functional areas.

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The 8th waste in Lean is usually referred to:

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The person who would validate the financials at the end of the project is:

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When you have brainstormed and come up with several ideas which technique would you use to narrow down the list using a secret ballot process:

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Correlation             causation.

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The following approaches can be used to motivate, sustain and support the participation and commitment of team members EXCEPT?

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If we have defects data and the subgroup size is varying, then the appropriate control chart to use would be:

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If it is not practical to do measurement systems analysis in fields such as marketing, sales etc., which tool can be used to validate the measurement system?

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In a perfect normal distribution, we observe that

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Communication of project recommendations must try to include the following form/s of delivery:

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Identify which of the following variables is/are continuous: i) Transaction Processing time ii)% of defectives in a month, iii) Customer Satisfaction Ratings, iv) Number of road accidents

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Competitive Benchmarking can be used to enable change within a company when:

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If A and Bare two mutually exclusive events, then the probability of both A and B occurring, P(AחB), is equal to:

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Which tool would you use to determine the vital few from the trivial many:

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The unquestioned acceptance to the team's solution is called:

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A rational subgroup ensures that there is--- --variation within the subgroup and  ---  -----_ variation between subgroups.

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For the given data set, construct a frequency diagram (histogram) and visually determine if it follows a normal distribution: 1111122 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 55 55

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The tool used to translate VOC into customer requirements is:

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The financial benefits computed at the end of the project must:

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In order to make the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) effective, we must have all of the following EXCEPT:

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The main deliverables of the Control phase are:

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Keep needed items in the correct place to allow for easy and immediate retrieval refers to

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Which of the following is used to explore cause and effect relationship?

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The person or persons responsible for selection and approval of Six Sigma projects are:

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If we have known nuisance factors and unknown noise factors that could affect our design of experiment, then the best way to tackle this is to do which of the following:

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Select the right Six Sigma tool that can help with grouping similar ideas together to form themes:

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In an FMEA analysis, the severity is calculated as 5, occurrence is 8 and detection is 4. What is the calculated RPN (Risk Priority Number) score?

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Which presentation method should not be used for project completion review?

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The person responsible for leading a project and solve problems is:

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Calculate the probability value for the continuous\variable X having a value less than 5 when the data comes from a normally distributed population with mean = 15, and standard deviation= 5.

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Comparing the Sigma levels for ZENTITLEMENT, ZGOAL, ZLT, and ZST assuming they are all different, we can usually conclude that:

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What is the most important Critical Success Factor that will help overcome some of the organizational roadblocks (like lack of  resources etc)

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Lean focuses on _______________ reduction while Six Sigma focuses on _________________ reduction

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Central Limit Theorem states that if we take several sets of data from a uniformly distributed population and average those, then the averaged data sets follow a   distribution.

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What are some mechanisms to conrol stakeholders on a project?

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For a hypothesis test comparing the performance of two employees, the P value< 0.05 and the difference in performance amounts to a difference of less than $1 per year. Then, the following would be true:

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If we conduct a fractional factorial design and have a Resolution IV design, then which of the following is true:

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Name three Six Sigma tools you would use to develop a change management plan

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If X andY are perfectly correlated, the most appropriate inference is

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For a measurement system whose output is shown in the table,  is the over all gage acceptable ?

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Using a statistical software to check for the normality of the given data: 1, 2, 1, 5, 4, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1, 2, 4, 5, 1, 2. The computed Anderson-Darling Normality test p-value is:

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The terminology "Groupthink" refers to:

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The responsibility for ongoing control of the improved process rests with:

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A Latin Square design is useful when we want to do which of the following;

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The reason we need to recheck measurement system capaqitity in the C phase is because:

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The person responsible for the overall success of the Six Sigma program within a company is:

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The main deliverable of the Measure Phase is:

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Which of the following is NOT a deliverable of,Analyse Phase?

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In a project completion presentation, Senior Management is most interested in

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Select the most appropriate tool to ensure that the process is in control:

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The 5 Why's analysis for root cause analysis stands for:

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In order to determine experimental error, it is better to do which of the following:

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The main deliverable of the Improve phase is:

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Which data set has the most amount of information contained within it?

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A project that spans different boundaries is likely to have the following challenges:

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If the upper specification limit= 12, lower specification limit= 0, and the process estimated standard deviation = 2, then the Cp calculated as:

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In a Pull system, the signal used to convey information upstream to make more products is called:

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Power of a test

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If alpha= 5%, beta= 10%, then probability of Type I error is:

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Process maps should be developed                                  _

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If only short-term data is available, then the sigma level calculated based on this data is related to .the long-term data using the relationship ZLT = ZST +                                                       .

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30 cars with engine oil A were driven for 120 kms and mileage was recorded. Engine oil was replaced in these cars with engine oil B. The cars were driven again for 120 kms and mileage was recorded. All other external conditions were same. What is the most appropriate test that can be carried out to analyse whether engine oil A is more effective than engine oil Bin improving mileage?

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In which survey method are respondents more likely to believe that their answers will be anonymous?

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A brainstorming exercise provides 6 ideas {A, B, C, D, E, and F). In order to determine the best idea, multi-voting is done by three individuals. The selected ideas by the people are Person 1{C, D, A), Person 2 {B, C, F), and Person 3 (F, D, C). Which idea should be selected based on this voting:

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The purpose of gap analysis in the Analyze phase is to:

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It is important to pilot solutions before full scale implementation because: i) It can identify problems and enable fixes before mass rollout, ii) it can help us identify critical inputs iii) It can reduce risks of bad solutions, iv) It can reduce costs and time to deploy solutions

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            is considered the father of Six Sigma

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Suppliers of inputs and customers of output can be displayed using

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The primary purpose of lessons learned document is to:

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If the null hypothesis is true in reality but we conclude that the null hypothesis is false based on our analysis, we/ are making the following error:

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The first step in John Kotter's 8 step change management principles is                                         . The Six Sigma tool that can help implement this is-------:----

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Which of the following savings can be traced directly to the company's bottom line

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In order to facilitate organizational change using Six Sigma, which of the following is NOT  likely to be a key responsibility of senior management:

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Which approach would you use to facilitate a team that is in the "Storm" stage?

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            is one who may not attend all the meetings but would contribute on an as-needed basis

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The metrics used to track organizational performance should include:

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Projects impact customers by primarily impacting three CTQ's. Where the CTQ's stand for Critical to  -----'   Critical to------------------  , and Critical to            _

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The determination of population confidence intervals based on sample data is called          _statistics.

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Select the right Six Sigma tool that can help determination of a project timeline:

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Determine the number of replications required for a 3-factor 2-level full factorial design to achieve a power of 90% with a confidence level of 95%, when we are interested in detecting a difference of 1 when the standard deviation is 0.5

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Replication of Six Sigma project implies:

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The project charter element "Opportunity Statement" most closely is associated with which of the following:

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If the average DPU = 0.5, find out DPMO (Defects per Million opportunities) using the Poisson's approximation.

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In order to make a process continuous flow, we require that each step in the process:

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If the regression equation is given as Water (It)= -5.28 + 1.98 Salt content (gm). What is the predicted value for Water (It) when the Salt content is 10 gm?

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Select the team stage that best matches the characteristic "Members are enthusiastic  and excited to be a part of the team"

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For a test with alpha= 0.02 and beta = O.O5, the following is true:

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Project risk analysis includes risks due to:

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Customers, as defined in a Six Sigma project can be:

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A customer states that "f waited for hours to purchase a train ticket". This VOC (voice of customer) could potentially relate to which of the following CTQ's (Critical to Quality):

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