Six Sigma Green Belt - 28 Aug

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Weldman Industries conducts a survey which shows that their average production cycle time is 128 minutes with a sampling error of 3 seconds. What does a sampling error result from?

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A Black Belt practitioner is asked to facilitate a series of workshops in an organization. She notices that a few participants in the workshop are dominating the discussion. To provide leadership in this group setting, the practitioner must:

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Six months after the work of a contractor ends, a consumer’s roof collapses. This is an example of a(an):

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What two metrics in manufacturing are used to calculate cost of process flows?

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In quality control, the famous business adage, if it can’t be ____________, then it can’t be managed

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Project scope can be limited by the following factors EXCEPT:

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Wilma is a Black Belt practitioner tasked with providing a document that prioritizes process which provides justification for a project. What definition and prioritization tool can be used?

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Business professional are interested in collecting data that can be used to predict future sales or customers’ behavior. Parameters are characteristics of a _______ while statistics are characteristics of a ________.

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James is a Black Belt practitioner in a medium-sized organization. He engages in continuous assessment of projects and their potential impact on the organization’s financial well-being. The cost of defects on an organization’s finances is also referred to as:

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Jason’s team is launching a new support service network for their cellular phone customers. As the leader, Jason coordinates all functions of the launch and has sufficient managerial autonomy to make independent decisions. Jason is considered the:

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A business system is

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The following are all members of a project selection group EXCEPT:

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Penmanship Inc. produces high quality pencils for a select group of customers. Within each production cycle of 10,000 pencils, there are two types of defects that can occur at the following rates: wrong dimensions (80 defects) and faulty eraser (45 defects). What is the Defects per Unit (DPU) measurement of this process?

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Within each production cycle of 20,000 chairs, there are two types of defects that can occur at the following rates: wrong dimensions (240 defects) and loose bolts (100 defects). If the defects can occur only once in each item, what is the Defects per Million Opportunities (DPMO) measurement of this process?

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As seen in Six Sigma methodology, the role of a leader has been transformed and updated in quality management to be that of a(an)

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Which of the following is defined as continuous, incremental improvement?

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Data being used in the initial set-up of a process are assumed to have a normal distribution. If the nominal (target) is set at the center of the distribution, and the specification limits are set at ±3s from the center, then the Cpk is equal to

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The purpose of using control charts is to

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A Manager plans to test the performance of workers before and after training. Which of the following hypothesis tests should be used to determine whether the training actually improved the workers’ performance?

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Which of the following activities are  value-added?

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Which of the following is most important in evaluating and understanding design intent?

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Which of the following control charts is most appropriate for monitoring the number of defects on different sample sizes?

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Which of the following tools would be most appropriate for collecting data to study the symptoms of a problem?

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The primary factor in the successful implementation of six sigma is to have

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Which of the following tools should be used when a team is generating and prioritizing a list of options that include highly controversial issues?

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A Six Sigma project objective must be SMART. The acronym SMART stands for:

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Which project management tool can be used to identify the critical path?

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The Six Sigma approach we would use to improve an existing process is called _________ and the approach we would use for designing new processes is called ______________

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In “Define’ phase, which tool highlights the time of project completion.

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Which two elements of the project charter are more closely related:

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Process input and output variables can be displayed using:

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A _______ is one who would authorize the launch of the project and provide resources to work on the project.

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Green Belt projects are more suitable for processes that span ___________ functional areas, while Black Belt projects are more suitable for processes that span _______________ functional areas.

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______________ is reactive while-----------  is proactive

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The person responsible for leading a project and solve problems is:

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The person responsible for the overall success of the Six Sigma program within a company is:

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The Key Performance Indicator “Productivity” most closely matches which one of the following:

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Which is the best software to conduct statistical data analysis:

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The variation seen by the customer could come from:

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Customers, as defined in a Six Sigma project can be:

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If the Sigma level for a process is calculated as 4, the corresponding value of CP is _______________

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Flow chart is useful as it shows:

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All are sources of  VOC, Except:

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If DEFECTS are reducing, then VARIATIONS are:

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Specification Width Should be ____________ Process Width

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When the Value of  σ  reduces, the Bell Shape of the curve

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Out of the given statements, Which one is not True

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Six Sigma can be?

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_____________of the values line within ± 2σ from the mean,

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  1. Process is performing at sigma level of six if the difference between mean and specification limits

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In 5 M’s : this is not a M

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The Main output of the Measure phase is

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The ratio of tolerance width to inherent variability width in the process is known as:

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Process Width can be _____________ Specification Width

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Total Area under the Normal Distribution Curve is

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When Data is put in order of Size (n): 1 2 2 2 3 9 10 30: Median =?

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  1. Filling Loan Application (Yield = 100% ) ---  Completeness  Of  Application (Yield = 92.5%) ---- Entering Applicationdata (Yield =  0%) ----- Customer Creditcheck (Yield = 94.4%).Find FTY =?

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  1. DPU =?

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To find Sigma Level for Attribute Data, the value of   ZST can be

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  1. Z = (Mean – LSL) / standard deviation: this formula is used to calculate Sigma level of which data type

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Outputs of Define Phase is

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In SMART goal statement , ‘A’ refers to

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One of the Key element in a  Project charter is

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In SIPOC diagram, C stands for

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In Define Phase, we will identify which one of the given

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All of the following are phases in the Six sigma DMAIC model except which?

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Y = f (X)  - In this equation Y is

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Six Sigma is a

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The term Six Sigma was coined by

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The central idea behind Six Sigma is that if you can measure how many “defects” you have in a process , you can systematically figure out how to eliminate them :

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Standard deviation is the measure of :

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The variation that occurs due to the factors which cannot be removed are called:

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Variation  of  Specific circumstance and do not occur in the normal scheme of actions are called as:

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A bell shaped curve can have same mean and different standard deviations

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